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Generals terms and conditions for WELLEVO service (updated 28.5.2018).
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1. General

Wellevo service (hereafter “Wellevo service” or “service”) is well-being and health improvement service provided by Wellevo Oy (registered in Finland, hereafter “Wellevo Oy” or “Wellevo”). Registration and payment during license period is precondition for using the service. Read these terms before registering.

2. Membership

By registering to Wellevo service, user declares he is adult and understands that Wellevo is not medical organisation. Wellevo service is based on generic nutrition and exercise recommendations, and it is developed according to recommendations from experts on the field. User understands that any information, text, image, video or other material presented on the web pages or in the app is not a medical advice or diagnoses. By accepting these terms user understands that Wellevo service is a supporting and guiding application when striving to general health and well-being and possibly losing weight. User assures his state of health fulfills the requirements for using the service. Membership requires that user feels himself healthy. Detailed requirements are listed below.

By using Wellevo service user assures he follows the terms and conditions listed here. If the user does not accept hese terms and conditions in full, he has no right to open the app or web service. At all times the terms and conditions that are available under www.wellevo.com are in effect.

3. State of health

Using Wellevo service requires that user is not pregnant of breastfeeding. We also do not accept membership from users whose body mass index (BMI) is below 18,5. By registering user assures his state of health fulfills the requirements for using the service. If use has illnesses or health problems with which losing weight is inappropriate, we recommend user to consult his doctor prior using the service.

4. Handling of personal data

When registering and during usage of service user is asked personal data relevant to the service. User assures all the given data is correct and complete. Wellevo service membership and license to use are personal and cannot be forwarded to other person. When registering, user is assigned personal login from his email address and personal password. Login and password must not be disclosed to other parties. User is responsible for storing, securing and using login and password. User is responsible notifying immediately Wellevo customer service if login and password are known to be disclosed. Succesful registration is notified with email to user’s email address. User has the right to introduce himself to the service for 14 days before continuing usage. When membership ends, licence to use Wellevo service ends and login and password are removed within reasonable time. However, user must continue to follow terms and conditions and agreed payments to which he has committed before end of membership. By registering user accepts that all the personal data user has given can be used to communication and marketing the service by email.

Wellevo adheres to Finnish law for handling personal data. Personal data collected by Wellevo are handled confidentially. Finnish statement for handling personal data in Wellevo service is available here.

5. Obligations and unpreventable failure

Wellevo service is meant to be available for use daily both during week and in weekends. However, Wellevo Oy has the rights to close the service or parts of it during update, maintenance, high load or other necessary reason. Wellevo Oy does not guarantee that the service is available all the time and without error.

6. User assurance

User assures he has read the terms and conditions. User commits to follow the conditions for using Wellevo service.

7. Agreement transfer

User has no right to transfer this agreement to third parties without consent from Wellevo Oy. Wellevo Oy has the right to transfer this agreement to third party by notifying it to user. However there is no obligation to notify transfer to company within same group of companies.

8. Data usage

Wellevo Oy has the right to use data collected in the service and distribute it for healthcare usage without consent from user. However, the distributed data does not include data that identifies individual user.

9. Disagreements

Any disagreements to this agreement will be handled with direct negotiation between parties. If there is no settlement, disagreement is solved in Oulu court (Finland).

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